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March 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday 3/11

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For the first time, I am joining in “Thank you Thursday” hosted by Bookworm from Our Imperfect Life.

  1. Thank you to Blog Frog for some of the wonderful connections I’ve made since giving it a shot and trying to become more active!
  2. Thank you to Mckmama for having a wonderful community of women who have followed you through the ups and downs of life!
  3. Thank you to my family who stands behind me whether they agree with my choices or not.  You have allowed me to grow into the person I am, you have offered advice and loved me unconditionally.
  4. Thank you to Lindsay for sending me a message and inviting me to join your company.  For two girls who couldn’t be happier to put high school behind us, we sure came back together! I don’t know that you will ever fully comprehend how much you have helped me in the past few months!
  5. Thank you to my stepmom for taking K to church even when I didn’t go. Her faith is amazingly strong for such a young age.
  6. Thank you to K for having no clue that some kids aren’t comfortable talking about God and not realizing that the day may come when someone shuns you for your beliefs.  I pray that I will be a strong mother and help you overcome any negative situations and that your faith will be as strong at 14 as it is at 4! You have taught me more about my own faith than any parent could hope for.  Because of you, I have invited two families to join us at church and I have spoken openly about my faith and my church family.
  7. Thank you to my church family for accepting me, for standing by and helping raise my daughter as a child of God when my own faith was weak.  I know that our church is keeping their promise to nurture K’s faith and I am grateful.
  8. Thank you Jesus for opening my heart and allowing me to hear your plan for me.  Thank you for giving me the strength to talk to others,  even when I was certain they wouldn’t be receptive.

I invite you to join me in listing what you are thankful for this Thursday. Don’t forget to stop by Our Imperfect Life and link to your blog!


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