Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom


khaila2008-0251My name is Heather, and I readily admit that I am a completely unperfect mom.  The title of this blog came from being sick and tired of the mommy olympics that are apparent everywhere you go in real life and on the internet.  For every mom out there trying to be helpful and grow their network of mom friends, there are at least two who secretly want validation that their child is more advanced than others.

I am the mom of 3 year old Mikhaila and soon to be mom to Richard James Joseph, aka RJ.  With my husband, Rick, we are raising our kids in southern Wisconsin, surrounded by family and friends.

Right now, I work full-time as a restaurant manager, but the closer I get to my due date, the less sure I am that I want to return to my current position.  Unfortunately, I’m not the type of person who is cut out to be a stay at home mom full-time, even if our finances did allow for me to be home with the kids.

As if everything else in life wasn’t enough, in September I returned to college after a 13 year break, hoping to earn a degree in Sales and Marketing.  It has been difficult to juggle home, work, school, and giving my family enough attention, I have no clue what will happen once I have a newborn to take care of as well.  I will be no more perfect than I am now, and I’m sure there will be times I feel even less perfect.  Hopefully my tales will be entertaining at times and helpful once in a while.  Then again, this is my outlet and it may not make sense to anyone, ever!


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