Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

March 7, 2010

Back to Basics

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Have you ever noticed that life has a way of totally getting away from you?  Is it just me?  I feel like I try to get into so much between work, home, kids, and trying to maintain a sense of self that suddenly I feel like my life is a ball rolling down a steep hill and I’m trying to catch up with it.  Lately, this is exactly how I’ve been feeling.

The funny thing is, I know this feeling is going to make me feel like garbage and yet I struggle to stop adding things to my plate.  Right now, we’re gearing up for the busy season at work, we’ve been handed the task of planning our 15 year class reunion, the food cart is busier by the day, we are getting more catering inquiries by the day, and now we’re planning a HUGE charity event for the middle of May.  At home, I am trying to keep up with the basic work, clear out the clutter that is beginning to suffocate me, RJ’s baptism is next Sunday, and it’s time to start getting K ready for kindergarten.  I’m also trying to find time daily for meditating and knitting as they seem to be the two things that are keeping me sane.

Today, I’m deciding to be choosy about what I do and when.  K is with her Nana for part of the afternoon and RJ is sleeping, so I consciously decided to use this time for catching up on blogs and knitting.  Once K gets home, I will start cleaning.  This may seem backwards, but she likes to help me and while it’s incredibly stressful at times to have a “helper” I know her heart is in the right place so I’m trying to be patient with her.  There is much to do for work, but I’m not going to think about it today, unless I get another super exciting email and then I will jump to answer it!

For the past seven years, I’ve been a part-time follower of FLYLady.  She calls Sunday a day to “renew your spirit”.  Today may be the first time I feel like I am truly doing just that.  We started the day off with an amazing church service and now I’m taking time to recharge my personal battery.  As a mom, it’s something that’s far too easy to neglect!


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