Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

September 16, 2009

Clutter and Attitudes

Filed under: Attitude Makeover — Mom @ 7:03 pm

Have you ever noticed that when the house is clean, you feel more calm?  While I can’t say how anyone else feels, I know that when my house is a mess, I feel irritable, anxious, and over-all drained.  Knowing this and having experienced both options, why is it so hard to just do it?

I could make excuses for a week.

It’s hard to do it all with two kids in the house.  True, but one of those kids contributes nearly nothing to the mess.  With the exception of clothes, diapers, and bottles, nearly none of the mess is his.  Guess I can’t use that one.

I work full-time.  Another true statement, but I’m sure not every working mom’s house looks this way.  I know moms tend to fall into a trap of trying to do it all, but I feel like I’ve fallen into the opposite trap of doing nothing while trying to not do everything.  Does that make any sense?

I have no help.  I could have help, but I haven’t figured out how to encourage Khaila to help me without doing everything for her.  It’d be nice if I had more help from the hubby, but while I try to get him to see the light, is it fair to my kids to bring them into this chaos every day?

A few times now, I’ve participated in “Tackle It Tuesday” and the results from those days seem to stick.  I need to try to remember how surprised I am every time I finish something I’ve been dreading and I realize it didn’t take as long as I had imagined it would.  This seems to be another big hurdle in my attitude makeover.  I know what will fix part of my negative thinking, now I just need to take the steps to actually fix it.

It’s 7pm and everyone is asleep but me.  I think the time is here for me to close the computer and do something.  There is an overwhelming mine field of toys on the living room floor and two loads of laundry calling my name.  If I can tackle those, I can call Wednesday a success!

Has anyone else faced this challenge head on?  If so, what helped you?


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