Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

September 14, 2009

Makeover Monday #3

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It’s Monday once again!  Time to start the week off right by listing 5 things that are right with the world.  I challenge anyone who reads this to post their own list and leave me a link!  One by one, we can turn Mondays around from a day we dread to a day we celebrate the start of a new week.  Beyond that, remember these five things when life is bogging you down and remember the things that are truly important!

  1. My baby boy is 4 months old today!  I can’t believe time has flown by so fast.  Today, I realized he’ll be 7 months old by Christmas, how fun!!!!
  2. My husband is back to work.  After far too long being unemployed, a job offer came in last week and he started today!  It’ll be interesting to see how the three of them adjust to the new schedule!
  3. I have an amazing family!!  My sister-in-law is taking care of the kids while hubby is training.  Today was the first time RJ has been with anyone other than mom or dad for the entire day.  He did wonderful, right up to the time we got home!
  4. I have made some amazing connections, both online and “in real life”.  It’s refreshing to see the positive side of humanity in the face of so much going wrong.
  5. Technology!  There are many things in this world I may have never explored if not for the internet.  This week, handicapped children and Pagans are high on my list of priorities.  I have been blessed with two healthy children and feel secure in my relationship with Jesus, but without knowledge, it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation on topics such as these!  For an amazing post on the fact that words DO hurt, please stop by Praying For Parker!

How have you been blessed this week?


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