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August 30, 2009

The Spectrum of Customer Service

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I can remember when I first started working as a waitress at the age of 14, providing good customer service wasn’t just expected, it was demanded.  As a child working among adults, I was told more than once to quit whining, put on a smile, and I’d better not let my work suffer for whatever petty, teenage problems were going on at the time.  I try to live by that philosophy to this day.  It’d be easy to be down or crabby, but my customers aren’t paying for my attitude.

Lately, it seems like customer service is going the way of the 8-track.  We’ve blacklisted many restaurants after bad service ranging from lack of attention (and being in the restaurant industry, I’m very lenient on this, so you know it’s bad) to forgetting to bring Khaila’s meal with ours to being blind to members of our party.  Yes, I’ve had it happen twice, once the server only spoke to me, wasn’t even going to take hubby’s order, and the other the server asked what we wanted, and we had to flag him down to order for Khaila.

The other place I experience horrendous service is with a certain cable company.  In the past week, I’ve had THREE awful experiences.  The first was the woman who told me we needed to hurry up and get this resolved because she was off in 5 minutes.  I hadn’t even told her my issue when she said that!  She continued to tell me throughout the call how she didn’t want to be late getting home.  Finally, I told her that if she quit talking about wanting to go home, maybe we could get my problem solved!  Then, after Ms. In-a-hurry was too rushed to enter my payment arrangement properly, I had to call in after being disconnected.  The person I spoke to kept apologizing and saying that they couldn’t do anything about it.  When I didn’t cave and wanted her to get a supervisor, she said, “Ma’am, when are you going to make a payment, IF EVER?”  When I asked her to repeat it, she actually did!  If this is an issue with out of the country call centers, they need to educate the employees!  So, when the supervisor got on the phone, she spent 5 minutes telling us she couldn’t override the system and that it wasn’t worth it to transfer us because no one else could either.  During this time, hubby called a different cable company number and had it worked out within a minute!

On the other end of the spectrum, I had some of the greatest customer service experiences this week as well!  On Monday, I went to Nicki’s Diapers’ new location in Madison.  I was excited when we were researching cloth diapers and found out there was a website that was based in Wisconsin and I was almost giddy when I went to their site last Monday and saw that they had opened a store in Madison the Wednesday before!  Naturally, I had to go that very day to see the fluff!

Lori, the employee working that day was beyond helpful.  I told her I’d been doing some research and knew a bit about using cloth, so she didn’t start at the very beginning.  She gave me enough information that my head was spinning, but she explained it well enough that I felt much more informed when it all soaked in.  I got to see and feel everything before deciding which route I thought was best for us.

Two days later, I was back.  Lori remembered me and we continued our conversation.  Again, she filled my head with more information in a very helpful way.

Yesterday, I stopped in to get the last few diapers we needed to fill our stash.  Now that we’ve been doing this for a week full time, we’re starting to develop preferences, so it was easier to buy.  As I checked out, a woman started asking questions and mentioning that her husband is resistant to the idea of cloth.  I butted into their conversation and told her how I’ve gotten Rick to come around.

After she left, I wound up talking to the two employees for over an hour.  They didn’t seem annoyed by my rambling, I’m sure they get plenty of moms who are anxious to talk to people who are into cloth!  After a while, I realized that the one woman working wasn’t simply an employee, it was Nicki!  As if being a local company wasn’t incentive enough to shop there, her friendliness and knowledge put me over the edge.  She is one of the nicest business owners I’ve met!

Seriously, if you’re in the market for cloth diapers, slings, wet bags, or anything else, check out Nicki’s!  If you’re in southern Wisconsin, she has stores in Madison and New Glarus.  If you’re further away, check them out online.  You won’t be sorry!


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