Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

August 24, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

 It seems like just yesterday that this picture was taken.  It’s the night Khaila was born, over four years ago.  You hear parents say to cherish every moment because it’ll be gone before you know it, but somehow, I think we all brush that off a bit, especially when daily life is taking its toll and it feels like they’ll never move on to the next phase of life.

I’m realizing now how right “they” are.  My “baby” has actual conversations with me, sometimes conveying her feelings in ways that make me laugh because of her little sophistication.  Just this week, she corrected herself after saying she had to tell her Nana something, she said, “I mean, I need to ask her….”  She knows how to use the computer better than many adults. 

Recently, I realized that she no longer looks like a toddler, she looks like a girl!  I remember the punch to my gut when she lost the baby look for the toddler look, and this time was even worse.  She’s tall for her age, she’s lost her baby fat, she’s growing up on me!

Yesterday, I was talking with a mom friend of mine about the first day of school and I realized this is the last year I have to spend with her before she’s off to “the big school” as she puts it.  I’m already dreading that day next year when we pack up and take her to the first day of Kindegarten.  How can this day be just over a year away?

Without a doubt, I’m cherishing every single moment with RJ.  I’m wiser this time around, I don’t get frustrated when he wants to sleep all the time, I’m not going to rush him to do anything.  Every day that passes is one less day of having a baby in the house, and as content as I am with our family the size it is, it’s sad to think we won’t have these days again.


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