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August 23, 2009

The Lottery, but for Cloth Diapers!

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Everyone’s heard the warnings about how addictive the lottery can be.  There are specials on cable almost weekly about how the lottery has destroyed lives.  Well, I have a new addiction that is free, is unlikely to destroy my life or those of my children, and it’s somewhat in line with other things I do in my life.

Have you seen the cloth diaper blogs?  I’m finding many of them do giveaways on Fridays!  I get to read blogs about something I want to learn more about AND I can have a chance to win some free diapers to add to our stash???  Oy, just what I needed!

Here are some of the cloth blogs I’ve found, giveaways or not:

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer
Cloth Diaper Blog
All About Cloth Diapers
The Diaper Jungle
Cloth Babies
Cloth Diaper Mamas

**I’m not vouching for the accuracy or quality on these blogs.  Remember, I’m still learning about this cloth world too.  This is more of a list of blogs I think are useful so I won’t forget where I’ve been!


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