Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

May 8, 2009

Pregnancy Isn’t Always Fun

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Have you ever met one of those women who can’t help but tell the world how she loved being pregnant and would keep doing it over and over if she could?  It seems like those who have easy pregnancies can’t help but share with the world how wonderful it is.  At the same time, there is a much quieter group of moms in the world, those who can’t stand being pregnant, no matter how wonderful the end result is.

Most of the time, being mommy is the best job in the world.  Other times, it’s a true test of patience and control.  Getting to the point where I was a mom didn’t seem as bad the first time around, but I’m sure I complained then too.  I was pregnant through half of the summer, on bedrest, and had no central air.  This time, I have a three year old who still needs my attention, I’m working, going to school, and trying to stay awake.  

I have actually called this baby an alien invader and I wasn’t totally joking.  He’s big enough that he’s not moving around much and has decided that his feet belong in my ribs.  I had no Braxton Hicks contractions with Khaila, and this time I’ve had them since about week 30.  Every week, they’re a bit more painful.  If there’s a grain of truth to the heartburn means hair tale, I’m going to need a barber in the delivery room.

I could go on and on with all the petty little complaints I’ve had this time around, but as my husband likes to point out, I should be counting my blessings that I’m 35 weeks pregnant, NOT on bedrest, I haven’t spent any overnights in the hospital, we’re NOT planning an induction for next week and praying that baby’s lungs are developed.  In a way, he’s right.  On the other hand, doesn’t he know better than to tell a pregnant woman what to think or feel, no matter how irrational???  🙂


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