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March 19, 2009

Um, What Day is It?

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2669_82886617048_667007048_2249686_5777929_nWow, I don’t know if it’s because brain cells are dying because of this pregnancy or if it’s being over-worked or what, but I just posted my Wordless Wednesday post – on Thursday!  Yes, I really thought it was Wednesday.

There has been much going on that makes it easy to forget what day it is.  First, it was the first week I got two days off in over a month. Before that, days off were never consecutive, so it was a luxury.  I got so much done around the house in preparation for RJ’s arrival that I forgot I had a “real” job.  Yesterday, I woke up, got my day started, made my list of things to do, and then remembered that I had to work last night. I know I’m not cut out to be a full-time SAHM, but it was nice to play one for a couple of days!

My days off weren’t all fun and games though.  Khaila came down with a stomach bug on Saturday morning, about 5 minutes before I had to go to work. Today was the first day her appetite is really back, so I think she may finally be over the worst of it.  Saturday and Sunday were spent cradling a sick toddler, trying to help her feel better, Monday was spent watching her sleep.  Tuesday, she seemed better, so we took advantage of the wonderful day and went to the zoo.  She had fun, but was ready to be done by the time we got through about half of the exhibits.  The poor girl slept all the way home and then for about an hour after.  Today, she was finally ready to go back to school.

I’m really hoping to find a way to keep time from slipping away from me. Whether it’s the weeks and months of my pregnancy or the years of Khaila’s life, I feel the holes in this sieve getting bigger and time is going faster and faster.


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