Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

May 25, 2008

How Can This Be??

Filed under: Growing Up — Mom @ 6:43 pm

Today is turning into a very emotional day!  First, my 17 year old cousin is graduating from high school in about 25 minutes.  I remember the day she was born.  I remember making a welcome sign for her and being devastated when I realized that they gave her a different middle name than I had been told, thus the sign was wrong.  Thinking of her graduating made me realize that before I know it, my own daughter will be graduating.  I know I still have about 15 years before that happens, but as quickly as the past three have gone, it’s not long at all!

Then, I received an email from Nana.  She has a few “school outfits” for my little bug to wear.  On June 2nd, she will be starting a preschool program in town.  It’s time, I know that, but for the first time, it hit me that my little baby is no longer a baby.  I actually welled up as I read that email.  It may not be kindergarten, but two years from right now, we’ll be getting ready for that.  How did we go from helpless newborn to starting preschool?

I now realize why I was 12 years old and my dad was trying to put me in Mary Janes, wouldn’t let me cut my hair, and threw a fit when I got my ears pierced.  It’s hard to deal with any sign of your kid growing up!


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