Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

April 12, 2008

The Saga of the Potty

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This week, Khaila did pretty well at Millie’s house.  Early in the week, she’d have one accident a day and then do fine.  Wednesday, she was with my mom.  Another excellent report, no accidents.  So WHY wouldn’t she go for me?  I was firmly convinced that she just doesn’t want to give up the control or something equally stubborn (after all, she is my child) and that she’d be wearing diapers at home until she goes to school.

This morning, I noticed something I’ve never seen before.  A dry diaper!  Yes, my little girl, my baby, woke up dry!  Knowing she would have to go, I took off her diaper and put her on the potty.  At first, she wasn’t sure about this.  We have a good routine going.  She gets up, comes in to our room where I’m usually watching the news, we turn on “Super Why” and cuddle.  Her routine doesn’t include a pit stop.

After about a minute, I heard the wonderful sound of a big girl!  Yes, my little girl started out the day with celebration.  She also got fruit snacks before breakfast.  Millie gives her a Tootsie Roll (must remember they’re for Khaila, NOT for me to eat) but I figured I’d try something a touch healthier at 7am!

I’m hoping we’ll continue this progress.  I almost feel bad for the run down that the hubby is going to get in the morning.  I want to make sure he knows EXACTLY what we’ve been doing to work with her so he can keep it up while I’m stuck slinging pizzas for 10 hours.


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