Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom

April 9, 2008

Tantrums and Society

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Monday night, I had the opportunity to catch Oprah when it re-aired.  Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the guests.  I could go on and on about how much I love this woman.  I love the fact that in a world of pumped up, sucked out, nipped, tucked, and dyed women, she has chosen to remain true to herself.  She looked amazing with her gray, super short hair and trendy glasses.  I would have been happy to listen to her speak about being content with the body you’ve been given.

That night, she caught my eye when she started talking about kids.  She talked about representing a game company and talking to them about her favorite game.  She never mentioned the company or the game, but she gave enough hints to let everyone know what it was.  She said one premise of the game was that you could get just about to the end and be sent down this “thing” to the beginning.  From the clues, I think she’s talking about Chutes and Ladders.

Even if she wasn’t, what struck me was what she said next.  She said she was told that they were thinking of changing the game because the moms in their focus groups didn’t like the tantrums that were created by the setbacks.  She went on to talk about the lesson that is teaching our kids.  Rather than use the game as a teaching tool, showing kids that life isn’t always roses, the company was going to change the game.  Moms won’t have the tantrums to deal with.

Then I thought about my own parenting.  There are many times when I give in to Khaila so I won’t have to deal with her bull-headed tantrums.  After working all day, I’m tired and wish for nothing more than peace at home.  When she starts screaming because she can’t have her way, I get sick of it and depending on the day, I give in.

I know this isn’t the right thing to do.  I watch “Supernanny” and see the number of parents who have out of control children and they say it’s because of this very reaction.  Kids aren’t stupid.  They know how to wear us down.  I know this.  So why do I give in?  Maybe a better question is, “How can I change my reaction to her tantrums?” or “How should I be reacting to get her to stop this behavior?”

Being a first time mom, there are things I still feel so clueless about, even after almost three years.


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